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Other Services

More than Jewelry

We have a unique range of skills not usually found in an independent jeweler, and we're more than happy to offer them to you, whether you're an individual or a business. Feel free to contact us using the form below. Pricing for these services is on a per-case basis.

Small Run Casting

We know how expensive it can be to get small runs done by large foundries. Maybe you don't need 50 or 100 pieces for a show. Or maybe you just want a sample run. We can help.

CAD / 3D Jewelry Design

Brian used to teach 3D design and modeling at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and he's more than happy to offer those skills to you. He can give you finished images of the piece and provide files that are suitable for handing off to 3D printers.

Gem Cutting / Acqusition

As a GIA Graduate Gemologist and lapidary, Brian has numerous connections in the gem industry, from miners to fellow gemcutters. If you're a jeweler or collector who wants a special stone, he can find it or cut it for you.


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