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New Website!

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Yep! I've upgraded to Shopify!

What's that mean? Well, most obviously the redesign, but there's a bunch of other great upgrades around here, too.

You've got:

  • Great Navigation
  • Gift Cards
  • Buyable Pins for your Pinterest Boards
  • More Payment Options
  • Downloads

Now you can have the pins on your Pinterest wish list let you know when we're running a sale because the price automatically updates (whoo!). You can give gift cards to your SCA friends who seem to change time period every other event. You can even get that super-fancy piece of jewelry for your lord or lady without breaking the bank by putting it on lay away.

I want you to have the best experience I can give you while on our site, and I'm doing everything I can to make it happen. Even though I loved the look of our old one, it was time to make the switch.

So, what do you think? Anything else you'd like to see? Tell me in the comments!

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