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Blackstone Raid 2017

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We're back from Backstone Raid and we had a wonderful time!

Aside from manning the booth, we participated in much socializing and mead drinking, which is something we haven't done in a very long time. Brian cut a gemstone after one of the stones in the Cheapside Hoard, and entered it into the Arts & Sciences Competition. He won Queen's Choice and Baroness's Choice! Our friend Anthony (AKA Albrecht) won an Onyx award for his service to the barony in general, Chatelaine duties and his tireless efforts to help things run smoothly for everyone he ran across.

There was also a nasty storm that we thankfully survived with no problems, but several tents were flattened, incliding some fellow merchants. Lukcily there was lots of help on hand to help with immediate damage control and packing the next day. Brian also got to play some music in court, which is something he's been wanting to do for a long time.

I also took a bunch of pictures, so here they are!

Thursday - Setup & Arrival

Lemony plays her violin by the lake


Blackstone Raid beautiful misty morning Blackstone Raid beautiful misty morning A beautiful morning for fishing Sinclair Jewelry booth all set up and ready to go


baby robin Brian Hagan gemstone from the Cheapside Hoard replica The children helping clean up the storm aftermath Kire entertains the children with a story Brian's awards from the Queen's and Baroness's Choice Brian and Anthony enjoy some celebratory mead


Goodbye Blackstone Raid

Thanks again to everyone who came and visited us in the booth! ^_^ It was great seeing you!

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