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blog feature photography Pittsburgh

PicturePhoto Credit: Jenny Karlsson Photography
Earlier this summer Jenny Karlsson, an amazing pet photographer here in Pittsburgh, asked if she could take some photos of us and do a blog feature. Of course, we said yes! She was able to capture not only a glimpse of us at work, but also a bunch of pictures of our furry friends! We also answered some questions about who we are, what we do, and how our family (furry ones included) works together to bring our ideas to life.

So, do you like cats? How about bunnies? Maybe both? Or perhaps you're just curious to get a peek behind the curtain, as it were?

Click here to see the adorable pictures! They're at the bottom.

Jenny is available for sessions in and around Pittsburgh. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she has a knack for capturing the personality of the animals she meets. I bet you can tell which bunny is the sassy one!

So, which one should I use as a profile picture? They're all so good!

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