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Pennsic is Coming

Pennsic is Coming

IN TWO WEEKS! AAAHHH!!!! So that's the good news, along with the fact that I'm back in the workshop and working furiously to make all the things. The bad news? That Pennsic is in two weeks and I'm working furiously to make all the things. I have to make dozens more Dragon Pins, lots of rings, gemstone pendants, and holy cow, do I need to get to work on some Tudor pieces. Lots of work in the upcoming days, but I am UP for it! "But Bran," you ask, "What is Pennsic?" Pennsic, my friend, is two weeks of glorious...

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Down for the Count

life shows

I've been away for a while, which happens when life comes at you. First off, illness and the Little One's schoolyear being over. Going from school to summer schedule is always a bit rocky, but compounded with a sinus infection, it was doubly hard. After that, the sun poisoning and poison ivy hit! On Memorial Day, we helped out a friend who was locked out of her car. In searching for her lost keys, I got sun poisoning. I've had it before, and while it sucks, I can deal. It's the poison ivy that's been causing the most trouble. I...

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Blackstone Raid 2017

Aethelmearc blackstone life living history reenactment SCA show shows

We're back from Backstone Raid and we had a wonderful time! Aside from manning the booth, we participated in much socializing and mead drinking, which is something we haven't done in a very long time. Brian cut a gemstone after one of the stones in the Cheapside Hoard, and entered it into the Arts & Sciences Competition. He won Queen's Choice and Baroness's Choice! Our friend Anthony (AKA Albrecht) won an Onyx award for his service to the barony in general, Chatelaine duties and his tireless efforts to help things run smoothly for everyone he ran across. There was also...

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Blackstone Raid XXVI - Coming Up!

Aethelmearc blackstone Event life living history reenactment SCA show shows

Blackstone Raid is happening this week! We'll be in West Virginia, and looking forward to seeing a bunch of our friends! ^_^ Lemony will probably spend some time fishing, and otherwise running about and enjoying herself. Brian will be fencing and compete in the Torchlight Tournament. I'll see if I can go sit in on some classes. I dont have anythign specifically made for the A&S tournament, so I'll probably sit this one out. Brian might submit a gemstone, though. Although this is technically "work" for me, I always look at Blackstone fondly. Blackstone is full of firsts for us....

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Pittsburgh Events This Week

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We have some local Pittsburgh Events we're going to this week! First off is Thursday's event, the Wyland PTO's 3rd Annual Mom's Night Out held at the Narcisi winery in Gibsonia. It's a gorgeous location, and tickets are only $40! That's pretty dang good for a night out drinking wine. On Friday the 21st, we'll be at the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership's Night Market! There's going to be music, food, beer, and (of course) art. It goes from 5:30 to 11, at 8th Street & Penn . You can click the link above to look at the website for more information,...

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